When NOT to Rebrand – Part 1

Here is one of those posts that teeter on the edge that tries to separate good business and good consultant advice. Rebranding projects are the dream of anyone on both the client side and consultant side. For the client, it is a precious line on the resume and many a CEOs career has been built on a successful rebrand. Since rebranding is by nature a rare intervention, it is the lucky few CEOs who find themselves presiding over what can potentially be a career boosting exercise, especially when done well and at the right time. On the consultant side, a rebrand promises a chance to showcase their full set of skills, from the strategic at corporate, product and retail levels, to both visual and behavioural manifestations of the new brand. This promises both excitement and a healthy fee note.

One can safely conclude that it is in “everybody’s” interest to rebrand.

But, is it? Really?


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