New Media and Brand Development in Kenya

There are more questions than answers when the question of new media’s role in brand development in Kenya is posed.

One wishes to start with the question of whether there is even a rudimentary awareness of the force that is new media. Let us even simplify the issue and narrow new media to the Internet and ask if Kenya’s brand custodians are aware of the Internet, and more importantly, its potential as a tool for brand development.

The above question may serve as a mere filter considering that few in senior brand positions are “Internet natives”. It is hard for this generation to picture a gang that is more comfortable in the Internet enabled virtual world than in the “real” world. Awareness is also a relative phenomenon…

One thought on “New Media and Brand Development in Kenya

  1. The future I am proud to say belongs to Internet natives where with very little fiscal capital and plenty of imagination one can effectively promote one’s brand to a global audience, new media represents a true paradigm shift with respect to marketing brands.

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