Blogging is hard!

So much for the freedom for each one of us to become a media house. It is not easy! May be we should leave this stuff of gathering content, collating it and transmitting it to the masses to the experts. They know how to do it and even make a decent living out of it. As for the rest of us, let us just keep our day jobs and do this blogging thing purely as a hobby. It would help if the blogging interface did not remind us that we haven’t blogged for a the last 79 days. It feels like a late payment notice and just adds pressure for one to say something, anything.

Blogging is hard!

In the meantime, Airtel is now here for real. Cheap and dirty seems to be the new game. With Safaricom, Orange, YU all being forced to “play in the mud” price is no longer an issue. That is bad news for the profit machine that was Safaricom and good for the customer who will judge the telcos by how good a relationship they create. Get ready for a new era of grovelling telcos 🙂

2 thoughts on “Blogging is hard!

  1. Eddie says:

    🙂 Play in the mud…lol!

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