Surely, We Can Do Better!

Several big brands in East Africa could do better. For one, they could open their eyes and minds to the possibility of the world of brands being larger than Kenya. Second, they could watch trends and learn from history that “the bigger you are, the harder you are seen to fall”.

Below are the more notable ones. I of course reserve the right to swallow my own words with some Eno so I do not necessarily suffer from indigestion.

Tusker: For allowing itself to be mispositioned myopically as THE Kenyan beer by Castle and in the process missing out on an African market of 52 other countries (and we haven’t even mentioned the global possibilities for this award winning product!). Talk of a pyrrhic victory?

Kenya Airways: For establishing an unparalleled footprint among African airlines then treating its customers (including internal customers i. e. staff) like they deserve to be trampled underfoot! May be taking the “foot” metaphor too far?

Zain, Kencell, Celtel or whatever you will be christened next: For totally missing the point and somehow getting worse with every “rebirth”. The target was NEVER Safaricom and the issue was never PRICE. It has ALWAYS been a BRAND that can relate with customers.

To be continued one day…


3 thoughts on “Surely, We Can Do Better!

  1. Zain, Celtel, Kencell whatever, is the greatest tragedy of our times. At one point it had a footprint in over ten African Countries and was appearing unbeatable, but now it is a little wimp looking to government intervention to compete with safcom. Their internet offer was the first in the market, but when picked it up, it showed me what it means to be trapped in an unhappy marriage, with the cost of divorce sky high!

    • Tom Sitati says:

      …and the tragedy continues to make money for each of the subsequent shareholders that opts to offload the “hollow footprint” that it has become

  2. Shifa says:

    Speaking from a perspective of one tasked to wake a sleeping giant,I couldn’t agree with you more.In Kenya we are unfortunately stuck in a rut of beautiful brands and Brand idea’s going to the Dogs due to lack of passion by those the brand is entrusted to. The question however is who do we blame? Agencies? power hungry Brand Managers? The APA is no longer a body anyone can run to so who or where do we turn to?

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