From Customers to Fans

The English Premier League now virtually belongs to Chelsea after their merciless thrashing of Stoke City over the weekend. Soon it shall be heard in strange places around the world thousands of miles away from Stamford Bridge that “we won the league!”, “we are the champions!” These words will come most from the non-English but will be said with probably more passion than a born and bred Englishman from London West London.

How do sports brands do it? How do they turn what other brands may call “customers” or “clients” into such passionate fans? These fans, more often than not, have no financial stake in the companies they are supporting. Yes, these sports teams are actually private companies with real owners who reap a profit when the clubs do well.

The answer? I’ll need some time to give this a think. In the meantime, I shall wait for the day Chelsea are crowned champions of England to do my research.

May be, just may be, I will find the answer.

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