Tiger and G4S Brands Taking a Beating!

So the Tiger Woods brands is taking a beating. Is it really? Yes and No. Yes, because a brand is the sum total of what is associated with a given entity regardless of its positioning. No, because Tiger’s “indiscretions” have little if anything to do with what his brand stands for – a great, in fact, arguably, the greatest golfer we have ever seen! My take, let Tiger come back and win a couple of tournaments and all this hullabaloo will become a little footnote where it matters. Mr Tiger Woods is human after all. Come to think of it – one gets a feeling that many people are elated to discover this and they cannot stop reveling in this revelation!

Group Four Security or G4S as we know it in Kenya is taking a sound beating. All sorts of jokes are going around on the internet about the brand. After losing so much money to thugs, the security company does not appear to secure now. I recently came across a G4S ambulance while watching the Kenya vs Uganda match (which we lost!!) and wondered loudly to the friend seated next to me, “would you trust that ambulance to take you to hospital?” His answer was simple and probably summarized the kind of damage the brand has suffered at its core, “…if I wanted to be stolen!”

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