Subaru? Safety?

I recently spotted a full page Subaru advert in a Kenyan business magazine that touted the car as safe. The word “Safety” was larger than the image of the beautiful Subaru Impreza that was almost invisible below. The only thing that the word “Safety” and “Subaru” have in common is that they start with the letter “S”. Brands cannot just go around appending any attribute that seems to be trendy for the sake of it. Customers will need buy into the brand if what it says is credible. Fine, as one of my Facebook friends put it, Subaru may be safer than Toyota. May be. It may even actually be a safe car in the right hands. But, can the brand stand out as the safety leader? No. No. No. And I drive one which is at the garage –  so I know a little about that car.

2 thoughts on “Subaru? Safety?

  1. herbert says:

    Sitati, I have to agree with you there. My dream car is a Subaru (hopefully will be the 1st car I buy)and in my opinion the brand stands for raw power and uncompromised fun. I always like to give the BMW example. There are many vehicles in the BMW range from the nimble 1 series to the mighty M5 and 6 series to the back lefty 7 Series…but what unifies the BMW brand is power and unparalleled driving pleasure. it really doesn’t matter which BMW you buy. This is the kind of lessons that Subaru Kenya need to attend asap! Consumers can spot these cosmetic brand communication fixes especially when opinion leaders and formers discredit what Subaru are trying to say. Investment in brand strategy is crucial for the guys at Subaru because it could potentially destroy their brand. Besides now am looking at the new Caldina sport cheaper and looks more like the older vicious Subaru

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