It Has Been a While!

It has been a while since I last blogged. I’m taking a break from visibility – I am currently of the persuasion that visibility is overhyped. It often fails to answer the “so what?” question and is sometimes done for its own sake. Sometimes, one needs to step back and ask all the hard “so what?” questions and look at the answers in the light of the bigger picture. Visibility can be a drug – simply taken more because one has developed the habit of taking it. With time, one stops asking why they take the drug and discover only too late that they are hooked!

So, what has been happening in the branded world?

AIG had to rebrand. After all the battering related to the financial crisis, it was time to shed the old skin and put on a new one.  Rebranding is a process, not a one day confetti and baloons affair so it is probably too early for anybody to comment on what holds for the new brand.

VW Passat is the car brand on everybody’s lips and on every media channel in Kenya right now. No, the brand has not released a new vehicle of come up with a rocket powered or water driven machine. No, it has not come up with a new advertising campaign. It has become the new official government vehicle and the whole affair sounds clouded in mystery – if the Kenyan media is to be believed. In one fell swoop VW Passat has supplanted its fellow German brand, Mercedes Benz as the vehicle of choice for the government and the government of Kenya is probably the largest single purchaser of luxury vehicles in the country and, I suspect it ranks somewhere near the top even on a global scale. What does this mean for the VW Passat brand? A lot more visibility. Will this visibility grown the brand? Again, the jury is still out. Some argue that there is nothing like bad publicity? really?

AFC Leopards, the club with the largest following in Kenya has survived the axe in the Kenya Premier League! After cushioning the bottom end of the league table for most of the season, the club has managed to not only survive the top flight, but managed to win a trophy few top flight teams bothered to participate in. History will still have it on record that they won a national trophy. History is cruel and sometimes it is kind. In this case, it shall be kind to AFC Leopards by ignoring the fact that the KPL Cup was contested only by minnows. AFC Leopards enjoys more visibility and support than the champions, Sofapaka. The team is the only one with replica shirts that make for a beautiful mosaic at every match they play. The team enjoys more visibility than any other but remains but a pale shadow of the once mighty “ingwe”.  So much for visibility.


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