Missiles Fired at Kenya?

Right now, I am not too sure of what to think about Ghana as it almost feels like the base from which two “missile attacks” were launched against Kenya in the space of just a single week. Were these “missile attacks” really fired at Kenya? Were the attacks really fired at you and me or just a section of the population that seems to have neither good manners nor respect for the rule of established laws? Either way, we Kenyans cannot make a clean escape and must face our deep issues. We must brand our country positively, not just place adverts on CNN an hope everybody shall ignore the elephant in the room.

One thought on “Missiles Fired at Kenya?

  1. Herbert Thuo says:

    I think there’s more below the clothing that we as Kenyans need to take into account especially as pertains country branding. I believe strongly in the power of brands and one way in which Kenya could effectively brand itself is by consolidating all the positives and building up on the negatives. The Kenyan brand should bring together infrastructural development, positive politics, a joint Kenyan people spirit, Kenyan pride and clever tactical marketing. Just look at Brand South Africa!!!

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