Brands are quite happy to measure progress by leaning back on a metric called “awareness”. I am beginning to think that is is probably one of the most useless metrics available out there. Granted, it is unlikely you will attract hordes of customers without them knowing you exist and granted that without having customers “visiting” you cannot have customers opting to stay resulting in no repeat or continuous guaranteed business. Having said this, awareness is probably like being that athlete who ends up last in the race or does not even finish and yet she was on the same starting blocks as the winner of the race.

Awareness gives a brand the license to compete, it is not the magic bullet and relying on it to measure brand performance is like relying on the starting line up at a race to measure the speed of one of the runners, well, sort of.

There is a difference between knowing (awareness) and Knowing (brand experience). A brand is all about the experience.

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