What’s In a Name?

Econet Wireless Kenya, the corporate brand behind the YU brand has chosen to change its corporate name to Essar Telecommunications Kenya. Mmmmmh…..

One thought on “What’s In a Name?

  1. Irene Ng'ang'a says:

    Everything…Econet I think has made a bold move, but i think it wasnt the brightest idea yet, look at Zain..some peope are still confused whether they are Celtel or Zain and I think thats one of the main reasons why they are not progressing so well and to add to their history that Celtel was once known to be for the well to do people in the society while Safaricom was for the mwananchi..if you do not have a strong brand name..well lets just say “The retailer will dictate your strategy — and your profitability.”

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