Some Great Brand Cooperation

Nokia chose to launch the 5130 Model at the Carnivore in Nairobi with what was dubbed the Backspin Party. It is not the first brand to employ experiential marketing for a launch or promotion. What struck me about this particular very well organized event was the number of brands that collaborated to pull it off. Nokia of course grabbed the headlines with its hot new phone whose key features include a top range music player. HOT96 whose positioning connects with those whose music “hey days” are from 1987 to around 1995 was right on the money by associating with this event. Carnivore, while playing a role akin that of a painter’s canvass cannot be forgotten as the events venue that seems to defy generations and market segments. It is only a couple of weekends ago that a near capacity crowd was at Carnivore for the “Kililimbi Night” which features the music and cultural artifacts of the Akamba people of Eastern Kenya. This was a great example of brands cooperating in an atmosphere that was not intrusive to the consumer. In fact, the consumer was quite happy to pay to “hang out” with the brands they love. It is testament to the fact that brands do not have to play the role of invaders. They can easily be a welcome part of consumers’ lives when they come together well and match what they stand for with what the consumer really wants.

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